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A Video That SHOULD Be Shared With ALL Politicians…Especially The Incumbent President of Our Great Nation…

“[...] The First Amendment was not written to protect people and their laws from Religious Values.
It was written to Protect those Values from Government Tyranny.”

~ Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. President

Flash Mob

Lately this is what the Youth from my Parish have been working on doing…Flash Mobs!

I hope they get one done!

In the meantime, if you know not what a Flash Mob is, here is an example, and what better theme than THE Reason for The Season ;)


And Merry Christmas ♥


Just wanted to share with you a song my Son, the Budding Apologist enjoys ;)

As I Lay Dying‘s “Forsaken”

God Love You All ♥

Oh, before you write it off….Please read the lyrics ;)

Again, God Love You ♥

Oh Yeah…

I’m driving to work this morning…

There are soft flurries fluttering about the wind…

They softly and gently kiss my windshield…

And what comes on the radio?

Oh Yeah, Baby…  8-)

Laugh and Learn


Okay, more like a lot lately, I have been bombarded with such Deep and Troubling Issues and their delivery, understandably is Intense.  It is quite somber.


Today I have come across a very Serious Issue that is Plaguing Americans.  Especially American Catholics.  The HHS Mandate.

And though this is a very Serious Issue, Fr. Leo’s delivery makes you laugh, or in the very least smile and shake your head in a good way.
This does not in any way reduce its legitimate value.  Quite the contrary.  I believe it is reinforced!

You Decide!


Angels and God

On Christmas Day, in Austin, Texas, 18 year Old Ben Breedlove passed away.

He left the world two videos that demonstrate his Courage, his Adorable Smile, and an Unforgettably Quiet Story…

I Know that he is Basking in Our Lord’s Love and Eternal Light, sitting beside Him, sharing in His Infinite Glory…




There is much more to read about Ben Breedlove…

Here are just a few items:




Statesman.com  (Obituary).  Okay, I know this seems dark and twisted, but it is Beautiful.



“Do you believe in Angels or God?”

“I do.”

~ Ben Breedlove


I do too…