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And He Continues…

Pope Francis has this ability to give me goosebumps and make me cry.

In a Good Way :)

And I get this feeling it’s not just me!

Here is a video that had me tearing up…and even as I type this and recall it, it has the same effect:

As I said…I am not the only one, thankfully!

Here is a Facebook status that a Dear Friend posted and comment received…

FB Post

What is that on the horizon??

HOPE You Say??  ♥


I have not posted in a while…

Life…Fun!  ;)

This morning I heard this song, I haven’t heard it in a while…

It took me back to a different place…a different time.

When the hurt was more of a longing.

When the sadness was more of a waiting.

When the crying was out of what could be.

As I heard it…It was so Bittersweet….

Espero y les guste!


Just wanted to share with you a song my Son, the Budding Apologist enjoys ;)

As I Lay Dying‘s “Forsaken”

God Love You All ♥

Oh, before you write it off….Please read the lyrics ;)

Again, God Love You ♥

To J and All Pro-Choicers….

First, I will apologize for the blanket response J.

Due to lack of time today, I have not and will not respond to your comment as I have every intention of doing.

For now, I offer you this as Food for Thought and why the 3% Murder Rate which you quote (which is false also, but I will explain that, hopefully tomorrow) IS a HUGE PROBLEM.

Please…I ask you watch this to the end.

Our Youth Refute!

I am Quite Blessed to have been able, throughout my Life, to work with Youth.

God works Beautifully through Our Kids!  Whether they are Newborns, Toddlers, Tweens or Teens…His Works Shine ever More Brightly through them! 

Perhaps due to their innocence…their Passion…their unwavering Strength…whatever it is, they never, ever, cease to amaze me…teach me…and Humble Me with their Gifts!

One cannot help but to see His Face in them…

I want to share with you all this video that 9th Grade Youth created in response to the Viral Video, Spiritual but not Religious…I do not think a link to it is needed, we all know which one it is…

I will, however, provide a link to the STJW Youth Ministry’s video…

Hey it’s My Blog ;)

And I provide it One, because as I said it IS My Blog.

Two, I am Biased!  I Love these Kids ♥

Three, these kids may not go viral, but they deserve to be heard!


Five, If I share it here, perhaps you can share it elsewhere

Six, if it is shared, perhaps we can all gain a bit of Strength and Inspiration to Defend and Know Our Faith!

Seven…Because I WANT TO!!

Okay, the repetition of because I said so I KNOW takes away from the Valid Reasons…but it’s just so fun to type that!  It’s not like one can use that argument with any real usefulness with the kids now, can we?

But seriously, I do hope that this video serves as an Inspiration to you. 

That it Inspires you to Learn More about Our Faith.  That it Strengthens you with Hope! Many say our Youth are lazy, that they do not possess the same Faith or Obedience as once was…Well, this is here to lay all those Lies to Rest!!

Our Youth are STRONG, COURAGEOUS and Full of Loving Faith!!!

Enjoy and Share…

Angels and God

On Christmas Day, in Austin, Texas, 18 year Old Ben Breedlove passed away.

He left the world two videos that demonstrate his Courage, his Adorable Smile, and an Unforgettably Quiet Story…

I Know that he is Basking in Our Lord’s Love and Eternal Light, sitting beside Him, sharing in His Infinite Glory…




There is much more to read about Ben Breedlove…

Here are just a few items:




Statesman.com  (Obituary).  Okay, I know this seems dark and twisted, but it is Beautiful.



“Do you believe in Angels or God?”

“I do.”

~ Ben Breedlove


I do too…