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In Our Face Kind of Post!

I just Love, Love, Love The Crescat!

From SheKnows.com

From SheKnows.com

She tends to yank ‘yer ears, ya know.

I admire her outspokenness. I admire her ability to rant so eloquently!

Mine are, well…just rants :P

HERE you will find a Very Well-Intentioned, Very Wise, In-Parents’-Face, in Our-Face kind of post.

All I can say after reading it is…Here, Here!!!

Dear Lord, help me be a Parent that Can and Will say No at the right times ♥

Oh, and yes, I could tell you much, much more about the post, but, well, I would deprive you of the Joy of seeking it out yourself ;)

Happy Ascension Thursday!!

Wish I was in Teuchi :?


Always an Interesting Read

I am a fan of The Crescat.

You may have seen me quote her or share with you her writings.

Well, here is another.

Before you go there and read away…let me tell you WHY I admire her.

She is not afraid to express her views.

I have not always agreed with them, especially on immigration, but I admire her for voicing them shamelessly!

The woman has gusto! No denying!

I envy the way she can just put everything out there and not give a flying fig about how you or I react and respond.  If anything, she thrives on it ;)

In this particular article that I share with you, she makes such a vividly poignant and powerfully valid point that I had to share it with you and I hope that you pass it along as well…

And the title of this Article?

Atheists.org, be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…


From "Atheists.org, be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…"

From “Atheists.org, be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…”

Great Points Brought Up About Consecration

A fellow Blogger CMittermeier brought up some very valid questions and makes some wonderful points in her comments on the post just below this one, “Do these images offend you… | The Crescat

One of my biggest failures is that I take for granted that most everyone knows what I do.  And those that do not I hope will be intrigued enough to research more about it.

Kind of what CMittermeier did.

Cathedral of St. Vibiana c. 1880

You see, growing up I had the opportunity to live for a bit with my Mamá Lola in México.  Teuchitlán to be exact, which means Land of the Gods.  You know, I should share more of this with you…

In the meantime, if you click the link, on the word Teuchitlán you will find out quite a bit of my Family’s Heritage and Hometown ;)

But, as is usual, I digress…

Growing up with Doña Lola, as everyone affectionately calls her, even us, I learned a great many things about my Faith.  One being Consecration.  She always told us that once something was Consecrated, it was so Forever!  Hence why Priests that leave for whatever reason are excommunicated not just Un-Priested.  The same was true for the Monstrance, Chalice and all else that touched the Body and Blood of Christ.

Now this is precisely why the images The Crescat shares are so disturbing and yes, Sacrilegious!

Interior of Cathedral of St. Vibiana 1940

Also, can the Church sell something that is Consecrated?  No. It is put away.

You can imagine the uproar when the Archdiocese of Los Angeles got rid of the FIRST Cathedral in LA!  And is now a Performing Arts Center!  It hurts deeply!  I remember when it was going on we were all in an uproar.  We thought it Blasphemous.  Personally, it still hurts me and many others, but we understood that the Altar Stone was removed.  Thus, the Consecration of St. Vibiana is not removed or anything like that.  The consecrated stone is and forever will be consecrated, and the structure is just that, a structure.

To explain it much better I have pasted below Fr. Z’s explanation on Consecration vs. Blessings, taken from Matthew’s Article in “A Catholic Life.” Which can be accessed via The Crescat’s post!  ;)

If I forgot anything, do let me know, please!

We speak about the consecration of certain places, things and people.  People to be consecrated, for example, include bishops and some women who are virgins.  An abbot, however, is blessed.   A corner-stone of a church is blessed, but the stone of an altar is consecrated.  Priests can bless, but generally only bishops consecrate.
A distinction can be made about church buildings which are consecrated in a very special way called a “dedication”.  Also, while confirmation and ordination are also consecrations, in a sense, they are really separate sacraments.  There is a lot of debate about just what the consecration of a bishop really does, since they are already priests and priests, by their priesthood, can pretty much everything bishops can do.  Once upon a time, priests were permitted to ordain!  Some theologians think episcopal consecration really just extends the sacramental character already present, etc.  But I digress.
By constitutive blessings (blessings which make something a blessed thing) and by consecrations objects and people are, as it were, removed from the secular, temporal realm and given over instead to God exclusively.  It is as if they are extracted from the world under the domination of its diabolical “prince” and given exclusively to the King.  Before, they were “profane”.  After, they are “sacred”.  Thus, a consecration is a once for all time act.  Once something is consecrated, it is forever consecrated.  Blessings can be repeated.  Thus, harming or doing wrong to or with something or someone who is consecrated is thus its own kind of sin: sacrilege.
When considered from the older, pre-Conciliar rites, which we happily can use today, it is usually a bishop who consecrates chalices and patens.  It was/is possible to delegate a priest to consecrate these things.  The consecration makes these things suitable for the worship of God and being vessels for the Most Holy.
In the old days, chalices and patens (as well as ciboria for Hosts and monstrances or ostensoria for Exposition) had to be consecrated before they could be used at the altar.  In the new way of doing things, vessels can be consecrated (though I think in the new rites they just bless them in a sort of vague and good natured way) or they become consecrated automatically the first time they are used.  That is a real loss of a teaching moment, I think, but there it is.
Back to work… once vessels are consecrated they stay consecrated until something major is done to alter them.  For example, if the chalice and paten are worn and sent off to be regilded or repaired, they have to be consecrated again.
The consecration of these vessels also calls to mind the extremely ancient practice going back to the time of Pope Sixtus I (+c. 127) that only priests, whose hands were also anointed with chrism, could handle chalices and patens.  Remember also the good custom of kissing the priests hand, which is anointed and is raised in blessing and in absolution and which hold the Eucharist.
Constitutive blessings and consecrations are very important.  Blessing and consecrating solemnly could help people understand better the distinction of profane and sacred and how blessed and consecrated things can help us in our spiritual lives and our constant fight against the enemy of the soul.


News Outlets Failed to Reveal Lesbian Denied Communion at Mother’s Funeral … is a Buddhist and Gay Rights Activist | CatholicVote.org

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

News Outlets Failed to Reveal Lesbian Denied Communion at Mother’s Funeral … is a Buddhist and Gay Rights Activist | CatholicVote.org -…

Here is the source for The Crescat’s undeniable, unquestionable assertion.

I originally came across this story via Kat’s Blog. I have also been keeping up with it thanks to her updates.  Now, thanks to her again, there is a sense of validation but there is also as Mr. Thomas Peters nicely puts it:

I, for one, am tired of activists such as Barbara Johnson. A woman who used the very death of her mother for a political, anti-Catholic purpose. A woman who ran to the media with her story and an agenda while failing, for instance, to reveal that she no longer considers herself Catholic and evidently knows that this could pose a problem for her.

And I’m sick and tired of the media playing along with these agenda-driven personal stories while exercising zero vetting because they coincide with the media’s agenda.

Apparently, if a story paints the Catholic Church or a Catholic priest in a bad light, it gets green-lighted for publication with almost no due diligence.

We Catholics deserve better!

~emphasis mine

I do not see this story being blasted all over the place:

Buddhist Lesbian Shamelessly Pushes Own Agenda at Mother’s Funeral!
And Vilifies Catholic Church in Process!

Mr. Peters is bang on in asking WHO is bringing their politics.

One would think, hope, assume (obviously we are made arses out of) that the Media presents Facts in an unbiased manner.

That they check, double check and triple check their sources before sending a story to print. FRONT PAGE, no less, so as to not have the embarrassment, shame and utter humiliation of being deemed wrong, biased, mistaken, partial or any other label that should not be associated with a News Source.

But alas, this is not the case.

Via www.catholicvote.org

A Very Special Blessed Day


If there are any Terms in my life I seem to have “issues” with, it is these.

Today is My Angelito’s 11th Birthday!  He seems to have grown-up overnight!  I am quite certain that many parents can relate.

But unlike some Blessed Children in the world, My Angelito has not grown in a “stable, loving environment.”

I have shared this before.

In fact, a friend has, er, is assisting me in trying to see the tendency that I have towards being over Scrupulous.

And I will acknowledge that!  Perhaps it has become such a habit for me, such a part of my life, that I have not continued my Journey down that Path.  The Path to learning about Scruples.  Understanding the tendency, and how to overcome it.

But you see, it is days such as today where I am overwhelmed with negative emotions.

I am drowning in a sea of guilt.  Waves of uselessness and regret rise and crash over me shoving me into the depths of dark, black sea of guilt and shame.  Anger at myself pulls at me from below.  There seems to be no way of surviving.  I can’t fight it.  Fighting only eases the bitter saltiness into my being.  If I surrender…Surrendering seems to be my best option.  Perhaps by not fighting the crashing waves and the pull from below I can ease the blows and float to the surface…Be washed ashore to the soft warm sandy beach of Redemption?

All I know is I have failed!

I am not the most organized individual on the planet.  Far from it!

I am quite forgetful and have been known to lose purses, wallets, bags, and almost leaving behind one of my Babies in the car seat next to the car!

Okay, so I didn’t leave Ticki!  Or was it My Angelito?  See, I can’t even recall that!! Point is that I was carrying a bunch of bags and put the baby on the floor, next to the car while I opened the door and tossed the bags in.  Note, this is before Keyless Entry.

There I am, tossing the bags in the back and since they didn’t all fit, I had to go to the trunk and place more bags there.  I then worked my way to the driver’s side and opened that door and sat down.

As I sat there, I had this horrible gnawing feeling.  I looked into the rearview mirror.  Nothing.

I turned around and looked at the bags.  Nothing.

I then thought that maybe I hadn’t closed the trunk.  But I was quite certain I had.

As I put the key in the ignition…I Remembered!!

The baby was content, just sitting in the car seat.

It WAS Ticki! I remember now!

I took Ticki out of the confines of the Protective, Unforgetful Arms of the car seat.
I cried as I held him tightly.

Was that the last time I lost Ticki?  Oh No!

You see, Ticki inherited one of my worst traits…Forgetfulness.

Not only is he forgetful, but he is also easily distracted and bores quite quickly.  You see, Ticki is very Intelligent, and because of this, he can figure things out quickly and just as quickly tire and bore of them.  School is a challenge, to say the least.

Wow, have I ever digressed!

Today is My Angelito’s Birthday and I did not send him his Birthday Card on time!

I had a reminder 2 weeks ago!

Every day I would tell myself, I’m going to mail it today.  Okay, tomorrow, I still have time.

Then, we got busy last week starting on Wednesday.  Meetings, a Retreat, More meetings.

All excuses, I know!  None of that changes the fact that I Did NOT Send My Angelito his Card…

You would think that the mere fact that I am dying to have My Babies come and be with me would be enough motivation for me to Not forget these Opportunities to SHOW Them how much I Love them! How Much I NEED Them!  How Much they Matter to me!

But NO!!!!  I Fail even at that!

I read about Mom’s that have sacrificed it all for their kids.  Everything, to provide them with the best possible life they could.

I read about Mom’s that risk their lives to get their Babies back.

Then I am immersed in the knowledge of Our Mother who never left Her Son’s side….

I cannot compete.

Not that it is a competition.  What I am saying is that I cannot compare to any of these women!

A friend sent me this link some time back.  It is an article on Faith & Family by Karen Edmisten, a Homeschooling Mom.

Yeah, that’s all I need, another Mom that is Amazingly Wonderful!  So much so that she has taken on the role of School Teacher, Principal, Monitor, Tutor, Mentor, Counsellor…not that Mom’s aren’t that already, but that’s my point precisely! Mom’s are already all that and Much, MUCH More…but Mrs. Edmisten is now her Children’s Teacher as well.

I understand, respect and admire her decision!  I would do the same! If I could.  If I had that level of Commitment.  That level of Patience.  That level of self-sacrifice.  That level of Love…

I lack all of those qualities that Mrs. Edmisten possesses.  That Allison at Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool possesses.  That The Mom at Shoved to Them possesses. That Kat at The Crescat possesses. That Susan at The Ironic Catholic possesses. And Dear Lord, so, so, SO MANY OTHERS!

Not only are they Sacrificial Moms, not only did most of them take on the role of a School, or work at one…not only do they live their lives on Our Blessed Mother’s example, but they BLOG TOO!!

How do they do it??

Oh, and from what I read, they have a very well established, living Prayer Life!

My nostrils are filled with the wafting stench of failure…

But I do Love My Babies!  I DO!

I just do not know how to be a Mom.  Not even a Mediocre Mom.  Much less a Good Mom.

And you know what reinforced this?

The article by Karen Edmisten that I mentioned above.  It is titledMemo From God.”

She tells us how through Prayer, Listening to God all of which is Discernment, she makes important decisions that affect her family.

She listens to these “Memos” from God and changes how she Serves based on them.  They come to her via feeling, her children and situations.

I have much to learn.

I have much to do.

I have many Reparations to contend with….If anything at all can even be Repaired…

A friend said to me that God has also loaned me my two little Brats as another opportunityA Second Chance.

Well, surprise, surprise, I am failing there too!

I am so caught up in helping others at times, that I forget and set aside those others that are My Vocation.

I must really put into practice the line that Camille shared with me:

I would Love to help, but it conflicts with my Primary Vocation.

The difficulty in the application lies in my need to overcompensate for my failures with My Own Babies.  In my twisted and demented mind, by working with, helping and spending time with Youth, I am “fixing” or helping to fix the damage I have done to My Babies.

I love vicariously through the kids…I know I do.  I have, even with the kids I worked with at the Center.

I need to be open, vulnerable, committed and discerning…

I need a Living Prayer Life, I need God to help me, to empty my Heart, my Life of all that inhibits His being at the Center of it.  Once I let Him lead and guide, I know I will have learned to Sacrifice and Love as He and His Mother, Our Beloved Mother do…

Happy Birthday, Mi Angelito  ♥
May Our Lord Guide your Every Step Always.

And My you Always Remember that you Have the Greatest Mother, Our Blessed Mother…and the Greatest, Most Perfect Father…Our Father!

This will always help to compensate for where we, you Dad and I Fail.  May you Never look to Us as Role Models but only to Them!  Only to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

Que Dios te Bendiga Mi Bebe Hermoso…

Y aunque imperfecta, aunque limitada…Tu Mami en la Tierra Te ADORA!  Y Siempre Te Amará!!!

My Birthday Wish for You…that You come Be with Me this March…

Selfish, I know…

Even now, that I am Telling You that I Love You, I think of Me…

Forgive Me, I have failed yet again…But I do.. I Love You and Miss You!


My Angel Baby…

Tension is a GOOD Thing!

Today I came across a Blog that I can respect and fear all at once!  I found it thanks to Patheos Featured Blogger, The Crescat.

I realize that the above sentence can be completely misconstrued.
I Love The Crescat’s Blog.  She’s witty, knowledgeable and Beautiful to boot ;)
But I don’t fear her Blog (perhaps I should?? heh heh) It makes me think.  It makes me laugh. It offers different perspectives…such as today.

I thoroughly enjoyed one of the Blogs she talked about (yes, talked, because I can hear her in my head, among other voices), the other, though I respect their views, I feared is propagating Ignorance and Hatred.

Huge statement, I know!

But this is what I think (thank you Bad Catholic and The Crescat for the Constructive Criticism and Ejumakashun), that one must try to be responsible with this media, with one’s weapon, our keyboard!  I said as much as I commented on Mr. Roach’s Blog.

I know I’m guilty of the same thing, I think.  I believe any individual who is blogging probably is. We write, or type rather, and release our Golem onto the world and no longer are able to control it.  It takes on a life of its own.

But the comment Mr. Roach made caused Tension and Stirring within, and I quote:

[...] The false dilemma ignores that Mexicans in America have higher social problems across the board, as represented by their epicenters in the Rio Grande Valley or East LA.

The link that one is taken to is a report of a Mexican that Brutally Raped and Murdered a 16-yr-old Girl.  Believe Me!! I am in NO WAY making light of what this person did!
But to take this report and utilize it as your “Proof” that an entire People has “higher social problems across the board,” I think is Truly Irresponsible and Dangerous!

I did not make that same Generalization in regards to the Many Mexicans that are Killed, Raped and Mutilated at the hands of those Individuals that take it upon themselves to patrol our Borders and perform atrocities to those that have the Misfortune of being caught by them.  Among those Mexicans are Men, Women, Boys and Girls…all different ages.

What if Entire Groups still held the Belief that the White Man is the Devil?  Would that be accurate?  U.S. History shows and demonstrates what he has done under the guise of Christianity…

Which brings me to another Dr. King Quote, also from “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” that I wrote in regards to the same topic of Immigration

I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth. Just as Socrates felt that it was necessary to create a tension in the mind so that individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half truths to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal, so must we see the need for nonviolent gadflies to create the kind of tension in society that will help men rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood.