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Pink Shirt Day!

Pink ShirtDon’t forget to wear pink tomorrow, February 27th, 2013!

Stand Up and Against Bullying!

Here is Pink Shirt Day’s Website!

Here is last year’s concise, yet full story.

Just remember PINK SHIRT TOMORROW :)

International Pink Shirt Day is April 10 this year, just so you know ;)


Oh Canada

They’re right! This has to be THE BEST ever made Tourism Video of Canada, eh ;)

After seeing this, people may no longer think that all Canucks are Lumber Jacks that live in Igloos and speak funny English because of the French.

Wait, that may have been just me.  :P

Gotta say I got all excited when I saw TO!!!  TWICE!!! See if you can spot it…

An Update. Eh.

Yes, it seems as I have been neglecting the Blog.

I will admit, I have been swamped in the Non-Media, Non-Electronic, Real World for a while now.

For the record, it has not all been bad distraction either ;)

We are very Blessed as we have an Associate Pastor from my Old Parish in my Beloved So Cal staying with us for a few weeks.

Seems he is loving the Great White!  Not that I can blame him.  Especially right now that all is green, flowering, allergy-ridden, warm, humid, sunny, unless it’s raining, and Beautiful.

Seriously though, Canada is Beautiful!

So much so that I came across a book the other day at the Roots Store that I MUST pick up and send my Pumpkin Princess.

The U.S. of Eh?: How Canada Secretly Controls the United States and Why That’s OK by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorenson.

As soon as I pick it up, I will share with you some of the little gems, but as a taste…according to Colburn, an American, and Sorensen, a Canuck, American Everyday Life, such as Media, movies, music, tv, and even bits of social policy are 70% infiltrated by Canucks!

So if that isn’t Canadian Influence, what is ;)

Oh and this one SHOCKED ME!!!


From the book, “The U.S. of Eh?: How Canada Secretly Controls the United States and Why That’s OK” by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorenson.


And so, so many more, eh.

God Love You All ♥



Pink Shirt Day!

Today we all wear Pink Shirts to represent how we are United against Bullying!

We do this in order to bring awareness to bullying issues and hopefully bring discussion as to what we can do to create a safe and respectful environment in all of our communities.

Why Pink you ask?

Well, Pink Shirt Day is not just an engaging way to get kids, especially students, though not limited to just them ;)  thinking about bullying and what they can do to create a safe and respectful environment in schools.

All of this started back in 2007 when 2 High School Students in the Province of Nova Scotia, Travis Price and David Shepherd, took a stand against bullying.


These two Brave Students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school in support of a male classmate who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt!

Little did they know that their actions would create a Grassroots Movement that would attract worldwide attention!

So…Make sure you wear Your Pink Shirt today and on March 31st, Stand Up to Bullying Day and April 11th International Pink Shirt Day!

I am Not the Only One…

So I have a Huge Confession to make…

When I found out that one of our Local Public Schools in York Region was allowing Prayer on Fridays for the Muslim Children, I was Livid!

Society keeps secularizing Christmas, Schools are taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, you don’t even HAVE TO say the Pledge of Allegiance! And so many more examples of NO PRAYER, No GOD, and yet here, in my own Back Yard a PUBLIC, SECULAR INSTITUTION was allowing and encouraging Prayer.

Though I understood the Why…I found it and still do find it Un-Just, yes, UNFAIR (I know, the World isn’t fair, but still)!  Thus, I opposed it, adamantly.

Lo and Behold!  I am not the only one!

After reading this article, I selfishly and pridefully feel validated, but more than that, I can Empathize…

There are so many “Christians” and “Christian Interpretations” of God and His Word that if someone (I don’t want to point any fingers here) were to come into my Childrens’ schools and start taking about the 144,000 that will be saved, or how the Rapture was not on May 21st but WILL BE on October 21st…and oh so many more examples.

Please do take the time and read this article…I for one am Supporting Ron Banerjee, of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy.  Perhaps for my own Selfish Reasons too…but also because I CAN Truly Empathize…

How about You??

Here’s the Article to which I am referring from Sun TV by Tom Godfrey, released on Monday.

Another Article from City News.

Search and you’ll find many more…