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Pink Shirt Day!

Today we all wear Pink Shirts to represent how we are United against Bullying!

We do this in order to bring awareness to bullying issues and hopefully bring discussion as to what we can do to create a safe and respectful environment in all of our communities.

Why Pink you ask?

Well, Pink Shirt Day is not just an engaging way to get kids, especially students, though not limited to just them ;)  thinking about bullying and what they can do to create a safe and respectful environment in schools.

All of this started back in 2007 when 2 High School Students in the Province of Nova Scotia, Travis Price and David Shepherd, took a stand against bullying.


These two Brave Students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school in support of a male classmate who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt!

Little did they know that their actions would create a Grassroots Movement that would attract worldwide attention!

So…Make sure you wear Your Pink Shirt today and on March 31st, Stand Up to Bullying Day and April 11th International Pink Shirt Day!

Rogers’ Decision…

In case you don't recognize the image, I have provided a link below. Bullying is NEVER a Good Thing...

Trouble for the Great White North??

Read this

You can come to your own conclusion…

All I have to say is what I posted on Patrick’s page (whom I “borrowed” the link from on FB):

Here’s the thing…Goddard DID tweet from his OWN Private account…
Rogers IS setting a very, very Scary precedent…Here’s my question…had Goddard tweeted that he supported Avery instead, would he still have a job?
Biased Much??

Perhaps a bit of an explanation…Patrick states that had Goddard tweeted from his own Private Twitter Account, he probably would not have been fired…well, the fact is, HE DID!

The point that I am trying to make is that our Society is so Biased, so Skewed! 

It is Politically Correct to Support Pro-Choice (Yay, Abortion!), Gay Rights (Who says Marriage has to be between a man and a woman? What about Adam and Steve?), and any number of Counter-Catholic Christian Movements out there, but so Detrimentally Wrong to stand-up for Our Beliefs as Catholic Christians! 

Where is the Equality?  Where’s the Freedom of Speech?  Of Choice?  Freedom of Expression?  What about OUR RIGHTS?!?!  Why are we, the Vast Minority, it seems, not allowed to speak and share what We Think? I realize Canada is Different from the U.S. but come on now…

Political Correctness? RIIIIIIIIIIGHT…. 

Political Convenience…Manipulation of the Masses is more like it…

Read the Article…form your OWN Opinion!

And if this isn’t enough to get you to click on the link…

Here’s another one from the Toronto Sun:

There are too many places in the world where free speech is not allowed. But you have to wonder what’s worse — not being allowed to speak up, or being afraid to speak up?

To quote Rodney King:

Why can’t we all just get along?

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I don’t quote the entire article…well, it was pointed out in the VBM11 (Vatican’s Bloggers Meet 2011) that many people do not like it much when we “lift” their stories.  Therefore, I am providing you the link in hopes that you will go and read the article…Very well worth the time!

Silence can be Courageous too…

I remember Father Mario telling us about the Sin of Omission.

This is probably one of my most Prevalent sins, and I didn’t even realize it until Father pointed it out…

He told us that many times we hear others make comments, say things, criticize, judge, etc…and We remain Silent. 

We Sin by Omission for we do not stand up for what is Right, for what is Just or for Righteousness, much less Justice.

I have found myself in that situation too many times.  And I cower.  I find myself wishing that I would have said something.  It is only After-the-Fact that I can come up with so many Witty Lines!

Pathetic, I know…I am the first to admit it.

How many of us recoil at the thought of speaking up and speaking out? 

It takes an exceptional Individual to not be this way…I guess that is why they, many times, become the Popular Ones

However, we can ALL make a Difference…

Thanks to MoveOn.org for sharing…

Much Respect and Admiration to those that possess this type of  Courage!  The Courage to Stand Up for Others, to Defend Others, In Silence, With Words, With Actions, or with Simple Solidarity…

I know of One Young Man at STJW who possesses this Courage.  He spoke up and obtained Free Soda for 150 Kids!!  If someone knows who I speak of, let him know that I have not forgotten, nor will I anytime soon :)