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Boys Will Be Boys

I was never a fan of that phrase…

From Yyam.blogspot.com

From Yyam.blogspot.com

I recall one of my Professors in University, Dr. Richards I think it was…She told us all that Men should be Greatly offended at phrases such as this.
That this kind of mentality reduces the male gender to an unthinking, unintelligent, incapable creature.

I liked that.

I hated growing up and always hearing, “El hombre llega hasta donde la mujer deja.”

The man will only go as far as a woman will allow.

I HATED THAT!! I found it such a pile of Crock! Why was the onus on US?!?  Were not men rational beings as well??

I still feel this and I agree with Dr. Richards!

But I never completed the title phrase of this post…

Boys will be boys…

Ann Voskamp, thank you for completing it for us all…

“When the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys —
girls will be garbage.”

Please take the time to read THIS Blog Post by Ann Voskamp.

After Steubenville: 25 Things Our Sons need to know about Manhood

Being a mother of 2, soon to be 3 boys…

Being a mother…

Being a woman…

Being a Human Person…

Being a Child of God…

This touched me deeply…to tears…

Do not misunderstand!  If you are a Man…

If you Think you are a Man…

If you Aspire to be a Man…

If you are a Father…a Dad…a Brother…a Husband…

This will be a very important read for you too.

Please read it and share.

God Love Us and Help Us All ♥



What Awaits Us?

Papa Francisco I

What will the new Pope – Pope Francis I – be like? Here’s a glimpse.

Papa Francisco I

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

~ Mark 10:43-45

Our Lady of Guadalupe

virgen de guadalupe

Today is a Grand Feast Day for all of us in the Americas and the Philippines.

Almost 500 years ago today, Our Blessed Mother came to a simple, humble Indigenous Man named Cuauhtlatoatzin, which can be translated to something along the lines of “speaking eagle” or “he who speaks like an eagle” after being baptized about 6 years before the Marian Apparition, he received the Christian name of Juan Diego.

San JuanDiego y La Virgen de Gpe, Óleo sobre lienzo, Jesus Helguera

San Juan Diego y La Virgen de Guadalupe, Óleo sobre lienzo, Jesus Helguera

Juan Diego’s Feast Day is December 9th, the day of the first of the Apparitions.

St. Juan Diego was Canonized only 10 years ago at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Blessed John Paul II.

Though I missed posting on his day, you can find a brief post about him here.

Today, as I started out, is a Grand Day, or was a Grand Morning at the Basilica.

Though this video is not of today, one must wait for the news sources and people to upload,  :(

It does give a Feel for what occurred as is happening in México today.


What a phenomenal image, isn’t it?  And who best to associate this than with Our Lord’s Mother, Our Mother?

Que Viva La Virgen Morena!

You can find more information on her from a previous post here.

May she keep her eyes, as she has until now, always upon us, interceding for us, unworthy as we are ♥

virgen de guadalupe




El Día de los Muertos

La Catrina by Posada

Dia de los Muertos in Olvera Street, Los Angeles.

Méxicanos have received a Wonderful, Precious gift from our Lord, the Gift of Picardía.  There does not exist an exact one word translation of this gift.  You see, Picardía is an attitude.  It is a way of being and seeing things.

Picardía is a slyness, a craftiness, a naughtiness, a sense of humour that pokes fun at things, situations and people.  Especially those that would defeat most.  It is what keeps us laughing in the face of Poverty, Injustice, Corruption, and yes, Death.


I will be the first to admit that La Picardía Méxicana is slowly diminishing, especially in the larger urban areas where there is more Extranjero Influence.  People are exposed to other Cultures, Customs, and Ideologies and adopt these knowingly or simply unaware and thus slowly lose what makes them Unique and Special.

This is not to say that Acculturation is a bad thing.  Far from it.  All you have to do is take a look at me to know that Identity is a big thing for me.  I grew up lost, without a “true” identity.

I was not Mexican enough to be Mexican and I wasn’t Anglo enough to be White.  I spoke Spanish fluently thus, Pocha was insulting and inappropriate for me.  Chicana was too militant and ideological for my personal taste.  And after years and years of vagabundear due to the lack of Identity, I appropriated the not-too-popular and sometimes offensive, Mexican-American.

From LowRiderArte.com

This hyphenated Identity, I feel almost encapsulates me.  I am Mexican and I am American.  And quite proud of this fact.  :D

Acculturation is more and more the norm.  It is truly a privilege to have the best of two or more worlds from which to obtain many traditions, customs, traits, etc, etc, etc…

The down side of exposure to different customs, especially when the individuals receiving the new “information” are of a Third World Country and this information received comes from a Super Power that was is the U.S., well, the result of this is that the richness of the Non-US Individuals tend to see this Super Power Custom or Tradition as “Better,” and thereby allowing their own Riches to fall by the wayside.

This is precisely what is occurring as I said with Picardía and among many other things, El Día de los Muertos.

El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Pre-Hispanic Tradition from Mesoamerica.  This basically means that this tradition has been around since way, WAAAAAAAY before the Spanish Invasion of México.

Campo Santo…Cemetery

The Celebration was held during the month of the the Aztec God Miccailhuitontli.  Which coincides with the end of the Gregorian month of July and beginning of August.

The Presider of the festivals dedicated to the deceased was Mictecacihuatl, the “Lady of the Dead,” present day “La Catrina.”  She is the Goddess of the Underworld, the Goddess of Death.  Legend has it that she died during childbirth and thus became the Lady of the Dead and custodian of the bones of the deceased. The celebration was dedicated to the Children and to the lives of our deceased family members.

From Blogs.educared.org

Differing greatly with many beliefs about Death, especially those in Christianity, Indigenous People believed that Souls did not die.  They continued living in Mictlan until the time of the Celebration of the Dead.  On this day, they were able to spend time with the Loved Ones in the world of the Living.

Death, therefore, never meant sadness.  Death was a time for celebration.  Time to rejoice and once more spend time with loved ones. We remember and relive those memories with our deceased loved ones on these days.

November 1st we celebrate Los Santos Inocentes, the Little Ones.  On this night, we believe Children’s Souls are allowed to return and on November 2nd, well, that’s the grown ups’ turn.

Now, is it a coincidence that these festivities coincide with the Catholic Christian celebration of All Saint’s Day and all Soul’s Day?  Of course not ;)

From BlogTurismo.VeraTur.gob.mx

As we all know, our Church, has a history of taking pagan celebrations and making them our own. As The Crescat quite effectively put it, “Papists love to party. And thus, we have many, many feasts celebrated in many, many styles.  The best part, they are all ONE!! Meaning they are all Catholic.  Yes, you can check the dictionary, it means universal, all-embracing.


The symbols of Día de los Muertos are the ever-present and quite awesome calacas, skulls.  The calaveras de dulce.  Candy skulls and/or skeletons.  These will have the names of the deceased and sometimes of those that are still living as well as a joke.  These then are eaten by friends and family.

From Bucefalo.com.mx

You will also find Pan de Muerto, a sweet bread in different shapes and forms, braids, sculls, bunnies, circles, it will be based on our loved one’s preferences when they were still with us.

There are also “Calaveras” which are poems where La Catrina, death, comes into play with those that are living.  There will be allusions to individuals’ characteristics, they may be even blatantly named, this Calavera will end with how La Catrina takes them with her.  It is very common to see these types of lithographs in the major newspapers in México poking fun at political figures during these dates.

During November 1st and 2nd, families will clean and decorate their loved ones’ gravesites with coronas, crowns of flowers, roses, cempazuchitl (marigolds, a symbol of death), copal or copalli (incense).  The scent will lead the Souls back.

Cemetery from Trinity.edu

Now, for those that cannot visit their Loved ones’ tombs, they create an Altar in their homes.  These are very elaborate.  One places different offerings for our Loved Ones.  For the children, their favourite toys, foods, beverages.  Foods and beverages for the adults as well.  Once more you will have Cempazuchitl, Pan de Muerto, Papel Picado (tissue paper cut in different designs to decorate in of course the symbolic colours, black, purple and orange),  Calaveras, Calacas, Tequila, Glasses of Water, Pictures of our Loved Ones, Candles…Everything and anything to make their visit a good one!  Don’t worry, the scent of the bread, their favourite dishes and beverages will lead them to you.

From TheOtherSideOfTheTortilla.com A simple, yet beautiful, Altar.

I hope you enjoy the images and the video that gives a small look into El Día de los Muertos!

Small note here…I actually started this post back in 2010!! And sadly I am just now publishing it, talk about PROCRASTINATION!! Damn, that Flaca (Death) should be as great a Procrastinator as me!!!

I Am ALL for Sustainability! Especially When it Comes to Sex!

Marc Barnes, aka Bad Catholic is, well, plain and simply put, AWESOMENESS!

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Fan!

Though not his Number One Fan…mad respect if you get that reference ;)

It is precisely articles such as the one here on The Hipster Conservative that make me a HUGE fan of Marc’s.

If you are a fan of Sex and wish for it to not Die…Read this!

You may just enjoy it ;)

Let Us Not Insult Animals, For They Can Be Far Better Than We

Man's Best Friend for a Reason

We have a tendency to berate one another using animals.

Man’s Best Friend for a Reason

We do it in English:

He’s such a  Dog.

She’s a real Bitch.

You’re an Ass (Donkey, people).

You Cow.

And the list goes on and on.

En Español:

No seas Buey.

Es una Perra.

No seas tan Animal.

Mascas como Vaca.

Y otros más.

Point being, my Mami has always told us that Animals are many, many times Mas Humanos, que los humanos.

They are more Humane than Humans.

This story further proves her point.

Happy May Day

Today is International Workers Day.

Feliz Día del Trabajo!

“International Workers’ Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the international labour movement and left-wing movements. It commonly sees organized street demonstrations and marches by working people and their labour unions throughout most of the world. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries. It is also celebrated unofficially in many other countries (Wikipedia).

And today, not coincidentally, is also the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker, Patron Saint of Canada.


“Apparently in response to the “May Day” celebrations for workers sponsored by Communists, Pius XII instituted the feast of St. Joseph the Worker in 1955. But the relationship between Joseph and the cause of workers has a much longer history.

In a constantly necessary effort to keep Jesus from being removed from ordinary human life, the Church has from the beginning proudly emphasized that Jesus was a carpenter, obviously trained by Joseph in both the satisfactions and the drudgery of that vocation. Humanity is like God not only in thinking and loving, but also in creating. Whether we make a table or a cathedral, we are called to bear fruit with our hands and mind, ultimately for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Comment: ‘The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it” (Genesis 2:15). The Father created all and asked humanity to continue the work of creation. We find our dignity in our work, in raising a family, in participating in the life of the Father’s creation. Joseph the Worker was able to help participate in the deepest mystery of creation. Pius XII emphasized this when he said, “The spirit flows to you and to all men from the heart of the God-man, Savior of the world, but certainly, no worker was ever more completely and profoundly penetrated by it than the foster father of Jesus, who lived with Him in closest intimacy and community of family life and work. Thus, if you wish to be close to Christ, we again today repeat, ‘Go to Joseph’ ‘(see Genesis 41:44).

Quote: In Brothers of Men, René Voillaume of the Little Brothers of Jesus speaks about ordinary work and holiness: ‘Now this holiness (of Jesus) became a reality in the most ordinary circumstances of life, those of word, of the family and the social life of a village, and this is an emphatic affirmation of the fact that the most obscure and humdrum human activities are entirely compatible with the perfection of the Son of God…in relation to this mystery, involves the conviction that the evangelical holiness proper to a child of God is possible in the ordinary circumstances of someone who is poor and obliged to work for his living.’”

~American Catholic.org

I Really Need YOUR Help!

A couple of weeks ago, TJ Burdick from Teach Catholic.com and founder of Faith and Zeal.net aka Fe Y Celo.net asked if I would like to join his Blogging Community.

Borrowed from Pro Monumento al Santo Hno. Miguel.

Needless to say, I am Deeply Honoured at his request!

It has taken me this long to discern if I was worthy to join and if it was something that I should even be doing.

Allow me to elaborate.

When you visit Faith and Zeal.net and you click on the Authors/Autores Page, you will find that there is a link provided that will take you to read and learn more about their Patron Saint, San Miguel Febres Cordero.

This link will then take you to La Salle.org.

Here you will find a wealth of information about The Lasallian Family.  Their founder?

Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle! Mi Santo!!

Uncanny, I know!

And what was his calling? To serve the Youth. Boys specifically, but the Youth!

It was too much for me! It still is.

I cannot take this too lightly.

I have always loved serving and working with the Youth.  It is truly my Passion!  And here, Mi Santo did just that and now I was being asked to join this Blog.

But it is not just a thing where you join and contribute sometimes and that is all.


There are a few requirements.  Requirements that I must take to Heart, Live and Fulfill.

And I plan to do so, with Great Zeal and Ardour!  It has taken me this long to decide. And now I have.  I am going to do it!


Here is the clincher.

This is where you come in.  This is where I need your help.

I am nowhere near the categoria, the caliber of the authors now, thus, I am very, very insecure as to my bio and pic.

I have chosen two completely different pics of yours truly.  One goes with one post, the other, well, obviously with the other. :P

For the handful of you that come to my blog and maybe know a bit about me, let me know what you think of my blurb too, please!

I want to live up to the standard but not sound like I’m trying too hard.

Make sense?

Do I add that I was Blessed enough to attend the Blogger’s Meet at the Vatican? Or is that riding the wave? A wave that maybe has hit the shore long ago…

Well, here they are.  Let me know, Por Favor!!

Option 1

A simple sinner who aspires to one day truly be worthy of God’s Merciful Love and Compassion, Narda V. Centeno tries, as do many of us, to be a True disciple of Christ.

Her passion resides in working with youth.  Her experience ranges from teaching English and Environmental Education at the Prepa level in Valle de Guadalupe, Jalisco to working for the Archdiocese in Los Angeles as a Youth Coordinator at the Guadalupe Community Center, and at present, she volunteers her time assisting with various Youth Programs and Ministries in her Parish in Thornhill, Ontario.

You could say she is trying to reach the Youth of the Americas!  She suffers from a wickedly misunderstood sense of humour and a horrid Peter Pan syndrome! But it is precisely because of these and other failings that she feels called to Serve the Youth, and to help them, perhaps, if she can, in some way, through her many failings, to avoid making so many of the mistakes she made.

Option 2

A Budding Cradle Catholic, Narda V. Centeno has been very Blessed to have had the opportunity to work and serve various communities in all 3 countries of North America.  Her passion, however, lies in working with and serving the Youth.

She has given birth to 5 Beautiful children and mothered hundreds more via many of the opportunities our Lord has given her to work with and alongside His Beloved Youth.  A young man once said, “Believe it or not, Narda really does love each and every one of you.”  And it is true, she does.

Oh and FYI, Option 1 Pic and the quote for Option 2, both come from one of my Favourite Photographers and Mumsie, Kevin Tablizo.  You can find his work on his FB Page, Kevin Tablizo Photography.

Thanks, Mumsie! Luv Ya ♥

Not for the Faint of Heart

Borrowed from OffTheMark.com

Relationships are hard.

They can be more than a bit trying leaving you wondering if they are even worth it!

Last night I found myself telling 2 Wonderful and Beloved friends that from the 365 days a year, I ponder upon this same issue about…well…approximately 360 days of the year. ;)

While I said it in jest, we have a saying in Español:

Entre Broma y Broma, Cae La Pedrada.

Literally translated, between one joke and another, the stone is thrown. Meaning, that to all “Just Playing” or “I’m Kidding, don’t take it so seriously!” or “I was just messing with you” or any variation of these, there is always some truth.  There is always some truth to teasing, to “jokes.”

And while 360 may be way too many days in the year to wonder if getting Married was a good decision, it does occur.

I Love my Other Half.  I do.  That will never change.

But, Dear Lord Help Me!  Sometimes……..

Let’s just say that sometimes his going back to Mommy doesn’t seem like such a bad idea ;)

Not to bash all Mum-In-Laws, I mean, My Mami is one and she is Phenomenal ;) Yeah I know, she IS my Mami, what else am I going to say.  But, I have had the opportuinity to have another Mother-In-Law and I Loved, and still Love and Admire that woman! She taught me so much!  But above all, she treated me like a daughter.  No, better than she treated her own daughters at times!

I remember arriving to El Valle that night.

It was a new town for me.  No family, no friends, no one.

I had never met my Ex-Husbands immediate Family.  They just knew that we got Married because, well, basically because I got Pregnant.  Plain and Simple.

I had met my Ex’s aunt in Cali, and let me tell you!!!  She really, really, really disliked me because I was born in the US.

You see, in her limited way of thinking, the girls that were born and raised in México were so much better than we Pochas (I totally dislike that word, btw).  She believed that México raised, small town raised girls were much better women all the way around for they knew how to make, care for and create a home.  These types of females knew how to serve their husbands and how to behave, appropriately. While we evil US raised girls were selfish, self-centered, and lazy.  According to his Aunt, we did not know how to cook, do laundry, clean…basically, we lacked any domestic skills.

Time and experience proved her wrong and taught me different.

The small town raised girls were more dependent than a US raised girl will ever be.

Granted, there always exist exceptions, I know this, but in general, these are the things I observed.

You see, in the US, we have to be self-sufficient.  Usually both parents work.  Thus, you have to cook for yourself, do your own laundry, clean-up and help around the house because otherwise there will be Hell to pay when your parents get home, for they have been working all day and you’ve been home since 3ish.  So, dinner better be made, the house clean, all chores done and you had better have finished or at least started your homework because you are expected to maintain very good grades.

Contrast this to the small town girl.  Her Mom is usually a Home Maker.  Therefore, the Mom will have breakfast made.  The Mom will do all the cooking, period.  The girl will have to clean her room.  Maybe help with the wash. Otherwise the Mom will do it as she is home all day.
The girl gets home from school, has a snack that the Mom has prepared. She does her homework.  Once done, they will all sit together and crochet, knit, cross-stitch or any variation of these to pass the time until Dad gets home and they have dinner that the Mom prepared.

So…how are they better prepared??  And this is just a very brief overview.

Now, where was I?  Wait while I scroll above….

Okay…re-reading above I am aware that I did not directly but in a very non-upfront kind of way maybe made my Mother-In-Law seem like maybe she’s not the greatest.

Anyway…   ;)

Okay, that’s wrong! Sorry! But she can be difficult at times, as I know she is more than happy to say that and much, much more about me :P

Anywho.  I do Love my Husband, I do.

But yes, relationships are very trying.

There are the misunderstandings.  The different temperaments. The having to adapt. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is the easy part.

It gets ugly when Trust is Lost.  When you discover things that afterward, you wish you hadn’t.

It is horrid when you have to have a “Discussion,” that will undoubtedly lead to a nasty fight.

And Heaven forbid that fight be unfair!  Meaning that slurs are thrown about wrecklessly.  There is no respect for one another as a Creature, a Creation of God.  The roles we are to take are taken for granted or forgotten, abandoned even for the sake of venom being spewed from those lips that you not too long ago perhaps ardently kissed.

But the loss of trust.  That is Hell on Earth!  Not knowing.  Not believing.  Not wanting to accept, to know.

When you are betrayed.  Lied to.  Cheated on.  When that, which you lovingly, trustingly, unconditionally gave them on a silver platter is tossed aside. Thrown to the ground carelessly, no, Wrecklessly…

Trust is one of the worst things, if not THE worst thing to lose.

How do you fill a Being with Love then there are puncture wounds all over through which any attempt not may, but will leak through?

That is one of the Best analogies that I have ever come across!

The Love Tank, if you will, of a Person that has been abused, hurt, cheated on, betrayed, etc will have holes.

At the beginning very big ones, many, many big ones.  With time they may become smaller, but they may be there for a very, very long time.  And as others, especially the person that made those holes try to fill your tank with Love, their words, actions, gestures, will leak through these holes.  Thus, they need to do a lot and frequently in order for the injured one to feel any sort of relief, security, confidence, trust…

When I came across this analogy, I felt that it fully explained my situation with my Other Half.  He tries, very hard at times to provide security and to make me feel loved, the problem lies not just with the holes, but with the fact that when he loses his temper or loses respect for me as his Wife, his Partner, his Tabernacle, he not just makes new holes, but the existing ones grow bigger.

And honestly, nothing frustrates me more than when he tells me he doesn’t know what to do to make things better, therefore he just chooses to make them worse by being a JERK!

It frustrates me because I have time and time again sat with him and shared what things fill me with Confidence, Trust, Security, with Love…but he chooses consistently and constantly to do just the opposite.

It can be and is very trying.  Hence the 360 days ;)

But as I shared with the Lovely Ladies I was with last night, it is those 65 days that make it all worthwhile.

Those days aren’t just I Love You Days, no.  That would be too easy!

On those days, he has these epiphanies as to what a Marriage should be.

On those days, he realizes and shares with me that he understands how his role really IS to be Priest to our Family.

On those days, he is introspective and shares insights about himself that he had many times failed to see.

On those days, he is my Christ. ♥

Relationships are hard.

Relationships are a vocation.

Relationships definitely are not for the weak at heart ;)

And yet, we take them for granted.

How sad.  How very, very sad.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane…

Way back in 2006 I found this poem by one of my favourite writers, Sandra Cisneros.

At the time I was Blindly, Foolishly and yeah, Stupidly “In Love” with my Husband.  Some things Never change :P

I sent it to him because I felt, and well, still feel that Ms. Cisneros has given words to the Dichotomy of what seems to be a Paradoxically, Incomprehensible Sentiment. That can at once fill us with such Violent, Aggressively Passionate Love that Destroys us and yet can Soothe us, Calm us, Satiate our Hunger and our Thirst with Unity.

I cannot even begin to describe what she has captured…how she has juxtaposed our Duality. Our Bi-Culturedness. Our Love and Hate. Our…well, I’ll let you read for yourself.

In White is the Original Poem by Ms. Cisneros.

In Red is what I wrote to my Patootie way back when.
Warning! For the record, Dude, I can be corny!!  But always quite in Love and at war with myself due to the Love that I felt and had for him.  Still am and can be too!

Disfrutenlo! And don’t laugh too hard at my words ;)

You Bring Out the Mexican in Me…

~ Sandra Cisneros

You bring out the Mexican in me.
The hunkered thick dark spiral.
The core of a heart howl.
The bitter bile. The tequila lágrimas on Saturday all
(I’m sure you’re familiar with the alcoholic beverage Tequila. We, as I’m sure I do not have to explain to you, drink to forget our pain.)
through the next weekend Sunday.
You are the one I’d let go the other loves for,
surrender my one-woman house.
Allow you red wine in bed,
even with my vintage lace linens.
Maybe. Maybe

For you.

You bring out the Dolores del Río in me.
(Dolores del Rio was a BEAUTIFUL Mexican actress that was passionate, she would fight men on their terms, if they yelled, she yelled back, she was not meek. At all. Yet in the end, she loved with an unbridled fire within her soul…The way I LOVE YOU.)
The Mexican spitfire in me.
The raw navajas, glint and passion in me.
The raise Cain and dance with the rooster-footed devil in me.
The spangled sequin in me.
The eagle and serpent in me.
(Here, these are my roots, my pride.  You know the story of the Founding of Tenochtitlan.  As important, is the legendary blood-thirst of the Aztec.)
The mariachi trumpets of the blood in me.
(Mariachi trumpets are the vital piece in music, they transmit the passion of  the song, the feeling, the pain.)
The Aztec love of war in me.
The fierce obsidian of the tongue in me.
(The Obsidian knife you know of. Well, it is that knifed-tongue that you are able to bring out in me, not Proud of it, but you do!)
The berrinchuda, bien-cabrona, in me.
(Berrinchuda is a pouty brat. Sound familiar  ;) Bien–cabrona is basically more than a handful, kinda Bitchy too, but not in a mean so much as naughty, rebellious way…that may ring a bell as well, huh  MUA XXXXXXX)
The Pandora’s curiosity in me.
The pre-Columbian death and destruction in me.
(These and the following need no explanation.)
The rainforest disaster, nuclear threat in me.
The fear of fascists in me.
Yes, you do. Yes, you do.

You bring out the colonizer in me.
(Needless to say, the dominator, conqueror, the ambitious woman in me.)
The holocaust of desire in me.
The Mexico City ’85 earthquake in me.
(Devastation, hunger, need, fear, insecurity, jealousy, and also the tenderness and wanting to protect and care for you.)
The Popocatepetl/Ixtaccíhuatl in me.
(These the Popocatepetl and Ixta are volcanoes in México. The Popo is the male and Ixta the female. According to Aztec legend, the woman was told that her Love was killed in battle, she was completely devastated and killed herself. In actuality he was alive, upon his return, he found her body, he was in anguish and despair.  He had lost the woman he loved! He then carried her lifeless body to the Volcano and jumped in with her, to be with her until eternity.)
The tidal wave of recession in me.
The Agustín Lara hopeless romantic in me.
(Now, Agustin Lara is the composer of most of the Love songs I have ever translated for you.  He is the known for his Love for a Mexican actress, Maria Felix, another Spitfire ;)  and the songs he wrote for her are full of passion, unconditional and eternal love…) 
The barbacoa taquitos on Sunday in me.
(Barbacoa taquitos are a typical Sunday after mass lunch.  It symbolizes tenderness, sharing, family.)
The cover the mirrors with cloth in me.
(The cover the mirrors with cloth is Shame.  Embarrassment, cohibition in a woman’s sexuality. I can become shy before you because you uncover my deep truths. You see me, the real me…)

Sweet twin. My wicked other,
I am the memory that circles your bed nights,
that tugs you taut as moon tugs ocean.
I claim you all mine,
arrogant as Manifest Destiny.
I want to rattle and rent you in two.
I want to defile you and raise hell.
I want to pull out the kitchen knives,
dull and sharp, and whisk the air with crosses.
Me sacas lo mexicana en mi,
(You bring out the Mexican in me…)
like it or not, honey.

You bring out the Uled-Nayl in me.
The stand-back-white-bitch in me.
The switchblade in the boot in me.
The Acapulco cliff diver in me.
(These divers are seen as brave, courageous, aggressive, passionate.  They risk it all to unite with their love and passion, the sea.)
The Flecha Roja mountain disaster in me.
(The Flecha Roja is a bus company in Mexico. But I am not familiar with what happened?  But based on the context, it was probably a crime of passion  ;) )
The dengue fever in me.
The ¡Alarma! murderess in me.
(Alarma, is a sensationalist paper that always, I mean ALWAYS has gory, bloody pictures of castrated men, shot lovers, etc. It highlights crimes of passion.)
I could kill in the name of you and think
it worth it. Brandish a fork and terrorize rivals,
female and male, who loiter and look at you,
languid in your light. Oh,

I am evil. I am the filth goddess Tlazoltéotl.
(This is the Aztec goddess of Guilty Pleasures. She is known for eating people’s shit which in actuality are their sins. Specifically adulterous, sexual sins. She inspires AND forgives carnal acts.  Which is what I do or am trying to do, right Mi Amor. She is the embodiment of complexity, contradictions)
I am the swallower of sins.
The delicious debauchery. You bring out
the primoridal exquisiteness in me.
The nasty obsession in me.
The corporal and venial sin in me.
The original transgression in me.

Red ocher. Yellow ocher. Indigo. Cochineal.
(Cochineal is a parasite insect which is also the bug used for a Blood red Color.)
Piñón. Copal. Sweetgrass. Myrrh.
All you saints, blessed and terrible.
Virgen de Guadalupe, diosa Coatlicue,
(Our Lady of Guadalupe is invoked to bring us peace, patience and resignation especially when dealing with men.  Coatlicue is the mother of all creation she requires human heart sacrifices to appease her because she sacrificed herself for our creation.  She is aggressive, desirous of love, gives love but does not stand for nonsense.  She is just, but also can be evil.  Very contrary to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Which embodies us, Mexicanas.  Sweet, Loving, but can and do have a dark side that requires pain, blood and sacrifice.)
I invoke you.

Quiero se tuya. Only yours. Only you.
Quiero amarte. Atarte. Amarrate.
(I want to love you.  Bound you.  Tie you up.)
Love the way a Mexican woman loves.
Let me show you. Love the only way I know how.

Mi Amor, this poem does embody all the feelings and emotions, desires, fears, pain, insecurities, anger, disappointment, romanticism, deception, you name it…it describes it. 

THIS IS HOW I LOVE…this is how I Love you…I am capable of more than you have ever realized…I do hope that you can value and appreciate all the contradictions and complexities that lie within me…

Te Amo…

Ur Silly Girl…Ur MEXICANA Silly Girl XXXXXXXXXXx


A Very Special Blessed Day


If there are any Terms in my life I seem to have “issues” with, it is these.

Today is My Angelito’s 11th Birthday!  He seems to have grown-up overnight!  I am quite certain that many parents can relate.

But unlike some Blessed Children in the world, My Angelito has not grown in a “stable, loving environment.”

I have shared this before.

In fact, a friend has, er, is assisting me in trying to see the tendency that I have towards being over Scrupulous.

And I will acknowledge that!  Perhaps it has become such a habit for me, such a part of my life, that I have not continued my Journey down that Path.  The Path to learning about Scruples.  Understanding the tendency, and how to overcome it.

But you see, it is days such as today where I am overwhelmed with negative emotions.

I am drowning in a sea of guilt.  Waves of uselessness and regret rise and crash over me shoving me into the depths of dark, black sea of guilt and shame.  Anger at myself pulls at me from below.  There seems to be no way of surviving.  I can’t fight it.  Fighting only eases the bitter saltiness into my being.  If I surrender…Surrendering seems to be my best option.  Perhaps by not fighting the crashing waves and the pull from below I can ease the blows and float to the surface…Be washed ashore to the soft warm sandy beach of Redemption?

All I know is I have failed!

I am not the most organized individual on the planet.  Far from it!

I am quite forgetful and have been known to lose purses, wallets, bags, and almost leaving behind one of my Babies in the car seat next to the car!

Okay, so I didn’t leave Ticki!  Or was it My Angelito?  See, I can’t even recall that!! Point is that I was carrying a bunch of bags and put the baby on the floor, next to the car while I opened the door and tossed the bags in.  Note, this is before Keyless Entry.

There I am, tossing the bags in the back and since they didn’t all fit, I had to go to the trunk and place more bags there.  I then worked my way to the driver’s side and opened that door and sat down.

As I sat there, I had this horrible gnawing feeling.  I looked into the rearview mirror.  Nothing.

I turned around and looked at the bags.  Nothing.

I then thought that maybe I hadn’t closed the trunk.  But I was quite certain I had.

As I put the key in the ignition…I Remembered!!

The baby was content, just sitting in the car seat.

It WAS Ticki! I remember now!

I took Ticki out of the confines of the Protective, Unforgetful Arms of the car seat.
I cried as I held him tightly.

Was that the last time I lost Ticki?  Oh No!

You see, Ticki inherited one of my worst traits…Forgetfulness.

Not only is he forgetful, but he is also easily distracted and bores quite quickly.  You see, Ticki is very Intelligent, and because of this, he can figure things out quickly and just as quickly tire and bore of them.  School is a challenge, to say the least.

Wow, have I ever digressed!

Today is My Angelito’s Birthday and I did not send him his Birthday Card on time!

I had a reminder 2 weeks ago!

Every day I would tell myself, I’m going to mail it today.  Okay, tomorrow, I still have time.

Then, we got busy last week starting on Wednesday.  Meetings, a Retreat, More meetings.

All excuses, I know!  None of that changes the fact that I Did NOT Send My Angelito his Card…

You would think that the mere fact that I am dying to have My Babies come and be with me would be enough motivation for me to Not forget these Opportunities to SHOW Them how much I Love them! How Much I NEED Them!  How Much they Matter to me!

But NO!!!!  I Fail even at that!

I read about Mom’s that have sacrificed it all for their kids.  Everything, to provide them with the best possible life they could.

I read about Mom’s that risk their lives to get their Babies back.

Then I am immersed in the knowledge of Our Mother who never left Her Son’s side….

I cannot compete.

Not that it is a competition.  What I am saying is that I cannot compare to any of these women!

A friend sent me this link some time back.  It is an article on Faith & Family by Karen Edmisten, a Homeschooling Mom.

Yeah, that’s all I need, another Mom that is Amazingly Wonderful!  So much so that she has taken on the role of School Teacher, Principal, Monitor, Tutor, Mentor, Counsellor…not that Mom’s aren’t that already, but that’s my point precisely! Mom’s are already all that and Much, MUCH More…but Mrs. Edmisten is now her Children’s Teacher as well.

I understand, respect and admire her decision!  I would do the same! If I could.  If I had that level of Commitment.  That level of Patience.  That level of self-sacrifice.  That level of Love…

I lack all of those qualities that Mrs. Edmisten possesses.  That Allison at Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool possesses.  That The Mom at Shoved to Them possesses. That Kat at The Crescat possesses. That Susan at The Ironic Catholic possesses. And Dear Lord, so, so, SO MANY OTHERS!

Not only are they Sacrificial Moms, not only did most of them take on the role of a School, or work at one…not only do they live their lives on Our Blessed Mother’s example, but they BLOG TOO!!

How do they do it??

Oh, and from what I read, they have a very well established, living Prayer Life!

My nostrils are filled with the wafting stench of failure…

But I do Love My Babies!  I DO!

I just do not know how to be a Mom.  Not even a Mediocre Mom.  Much less a Good Mom.

And you know what reinforced this?

The article by Karen Edmisten that I mentioned above.  It is titledMemo From God.”

She tells us how through Prayer, Listening to God all of which is Discernment, she makes important decisions that affect her family.

She listens to these “Memos” from God and changes how she Serves based on them.  They come to her via feeling, her children and situations.

I have much to learn.

I have much to do.

I have many Reparations to contend with….If anything at all can even be Repaired…

A friend said to me that God has also loaned me my two little Brats as another opportunityA Second Chance.

Well, surprise, surprise, I am failing there too!

I am so caught up in helping others at times, that I forget and set aside those others that are My Vocation.

I must really put into practice the line that Camille shared with me:

I would Love to help, but it conflicts with my Primary Vocation.

The difficulty in the application lies in my need to overcompensate for my failures with My Own Babies.  In my twisted and demented mind, by working with, helping and spending time with Youth, I am “fixing” or helping to fix the damage I have done to My Babies.

I love vicariously through the kids…I know I do.  I have, even with the kids I worked with at the Center.

I need to be open, vulnerable, committed and discerning…

I need a Living Prayer Life, I need God to help me, to empty my Heart, my Life of all that inhibits His being at the Center of it.  Once I let Him lead and guide, I know I will have learned to Sacrifice and Love as He and His Mother, Our Beloved Mother do…

Happy Birthday, Mi Angelito  ♥
May Our Lord Guide your Every Step Always.

And My you Always Remember that you Have the Greatest Mother, Our Blessed Mother…and the Greatest, Most Perfect Father…Our Father!

This will always help to compensate for where we, you Dad and I Fail.  May you Never look to Us as Role Models but only to Them!  Only to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

Que Dios te Bendiga Mi Bebe Hermoso…

Y aunque imperfecta, aunque limitada…Tu Mami en la Tierra Te ADORA!  Y Siempre Te Amará!!!

My Birthday Wish for You…that You come Be with Me this March…

Selfish, I know…

Even now, that I am Telling You that I Love You, I think of Me…

Forgive Me, I have failed yet again…But I do.. I Love You and Miss You!


My Angel Baby…

The ¿3? Wise Men???

First of all,


Christmas is Officially over :(

But, now we await El Día de la Candelaria!!

Feast, Food, Family, Friends and El Niño Dios’ new Clothings by His Padrino’s!!

Today in many regions in México, the Children received their Christmas Gifts!  There will be Presentations, Shows, Games, Festivities and Rosca de Reyes all over to prepare for El Día de la Candelaria!

Yes, in México El Niño Dios is not the one that comes bearing the Christmas gifts, it is the Santo Reyes!!
The Three Wise Men…

Or so we thought….

I have encountered this very, VERY interesting article on Season’s of Grace website by Kathy Schiffer.

Apparently Religious Studies Prof. Brent Landau, at the University of Oklahoma has translated some ancient documents from the Syriac language and though we traditionally assumed 3 Wise men, due to the 3 gifts, Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense, “there were many more—perhaps scores of Magi who made the trip.”

But this Revelation does not stop there…no!

The BIGGEST News is in regards to the STAR of Bethlehem…

According to Professor Landau,[...] what the Magi saw was the Star itself.  “It transformed into a small luminous human being,” he said, “who was Christ Himself in a pre-existent, celestial form.

“It is saying that Jesus Christ and the Star of Bethlehem are the same thing, and Jesus Christ can transform himself into anything.

“The star guides them to Bethlehem and into a cave where it transforms into a human infant who tells them to go back and be preachers of the Gospel.”


I am of the same mind as Kathy…I don’t know if I believe it, but it is EXCITING!!

Do drop by and read the entire article…SO Worth It!!

And again…

Feliz Día de Los Santos Reyes!!!

St. John of the Cross

Growing up, I was very Blessed to have my Mamá Lola tell us Stories of the Saints.  Their lives, their challenges, their Miracles, their sufferings, but most of all, I remember how Awesome they were!  They were like Super-Heroes!

Whenever I would ask my Mamá Lola about a Saint with my name, she would smile and say that there were none.
I would smile and in my innocence would always exclaim that I would be the First!


That seems so long ago…

In regards, to San Juan…there were so many San Juanes that I sort of amalgamated them  :?

It was not until I met Vlad that San Juan de la Cruz stood out once again.

Do Enjoy his Works and perhaps this will entice you to read more about him and his life…

But please do remember this, “His writings on the soul united with God in prayer reveal the most profound mystical expressions, experiences and insights ever imagined. They are for those precise reasons often misunderstood or misinterpreted unless one has a wise spiritual director who is experienced in contemplative prayer and well versed in mystical and ascetical theology” (Doctors of the Catholic Church.com).

We tend to read what WE want to read.  Interpret our way.  Such is the case with any written work, thus, why should this differ?


Cántico” in English.

He showed his secret heart;
had certain marvelous matters to confide.
Proposals. For my part
I kept nothing aside,
but made a promise: to become his bride.

Cantico” en Español.

¿Por qué, pues has llagado
aqueste corazón, no le sanaste?
Y pues me le has robado,
¿por qué así le dejaste,
y no tomas el robo que robaste?

Noche oscura” en Español.

¡Oh noche que me guiaste!,
¡oh noche amable más que el alborada!,
¡oh noche que juntaste
amado con amada,
amada en el amado transformada!


Noche oscura” in English AND Spanish.

In joyous night,
In secret, no one having seen me,
Nor did I look upon a something,
Having no light nor guidance
But that which blazed within a heart.

Llama de amor viva

     ¡Oh llama de amor viva
que tiernamente hieres
de mi alma en el más profundo centro!
Pues ya no eres esquiva
acaba ya si quieres,
¡rompe la tela de este dulce encuentro!

¡Oh cauterio süave!
¡Oh regalada llaga!
¡Oh mano blanda! ¡Oh toque delicado
que a vida eterna sabe
y toda deuda paga!
Matando, muerte en vida has trocado.

¡Oh lámparas de fuego
en cuyos resplandores
las profundas cavernas del sentido,
que estaba oscuro y ciego,
con estraños primores
color y luz dan junto a su querido!

¡Cuán manso y amoroso
recuerdas en mi seno
donde secretamente solo moras,
y en tu aspirar sabroso
de bien y gloria lleno,
cuán delicadamente me enamoras!

Llama de amor viva

Oh white hot flame of passion,
how carefully you scorch me
in the center of my soul’s deepest part!
No longer are you distant
attain it if you wish now,
rip the curtain for our sweet rendezvous.

Oh cautery so pleasant!
Oh medicated ulcer!
With a delicate, soft hand and light touch
that endless life it knows of
and every debt it pays back,
And by killing, you have changed death to life.

Oh lambent flaming lanterns
in whose resplendent flickers
the deep underground caverns of my soul
that once were blind and sullen
with exquisite strange beauty
to their lover shine warm, glorious light.

So lovesome and so peaceful
you call within my bossom
where in secret isolation you reside;
and in your fragrant breathing
so full of glorious virtue
with such splendor you enkindle my love.

And various poems, among which “El pastorcico” truly stands out…

San Juan…tu supiste en carne viva la desolación…intercede por mi…te pido y me ayudes a no caer en desesperación…


San Martin de Porres, Pray for Us.

Racism is a sin almost nobody confesses. Like pollution, it is a “sin of the world” that is everybody’s responsibility but apparently nobody’s fault. One could hardly imagine a more fitting patron of Christian forgiveness (on the part of those discriminated against) and Christian justice (on the part of reformed racists) than Martin de Porres.

~ American Catholic.org

Today, November 3rd we celebrate one of my favorite Saints.  San Martin de Porres, aka San “Anejo.”

Why is he one of my favorite Saints?

Well, one reason is because of the story that my Mamá Lola shared with us growing up about my Tio Martin and San Anejo.  The Miracle of his assistance to my Family.  That is the greatest reason.

But also, San Martin is also to whom we turn to help us to forgive those that treat us with despise, with contempt because we are of a different color, race, or creed.

Having been a Mulatto, a “half breed,” a “war souvenir,” he was raised by his mother Ana Velázquez in extreme poverty.  You see, his father, Don Juan de Porres - a white, blue-eyed hidalgo, a Spanish noble - was ashamed that San Martin was born with his mother’s features and not his European ones.  Thus, San Martin grew as an abandoned child due to this shame.  Allow me to rectify that, Don Juan did acknowledge him at about the age of 8 but then abandoned San Martin, his Mother and his Sister again.

His skin color, his origin, throughout his life brought upon him much discrimination.  Everywhere he was called a half breed.  Even after joining the Domninican Order…not as a Friar, of course, but as a Donado.  This was a third order of lay people who helped by doing menial labour in return for food and lodging.  One must note that this labour was seen as “not fit” even for the Dominican lay brothers.  San Martin would be a Donado for many years before he was permitted to take the vows of the Dominican Order due to, as Alex García-Rivera in the biography St Martín de Porres states, “there are laws that we must respect. These indicate that the Indians,  blacks, and their descendants, cannot make profession in any religious order, seeing that they are races that have little formation as of yet.” Even as a Donado in the monastery, San Martin suffered more injustice due to his being a mulatto.

Now, one would think he would have grown up to be bitter and angry, using bigotry and discrimination as an excuse to hate, to be a victim, to treat others with injustice, as many of us do…but he did Not!  He forgave.  He held no resentment.  He was kind, caring, compassionate, giving.

There are many accounts of his compassion.  His is well known for his healing miracles.  His ministering to the sick, to the poor, to the widows, to the orphans, to the prostitutes….to the Marginalized.  Once, he found a homeless man that was almost naked, dirty,  with open sores…San Martin saw in him the Divine Mendicant and took him to the monastery and lay this man in his own bed.  He was then reproved by a Monk, to whom he responded, “Compassion, my dear Brother, is preferable to cleanliness. Reflect that  with a little soap I can easily clean my bed covers, but even with a torrent of tears I would never wash from my soul the stain that my harshness toward the unfortunate would create.”

During the bubonic plague, in the Convent of the Rosary alone there were 60 friars that were struck with illness and quarantined.  They were behind locked doors.  San Martin is known to have many, many times passed through these locked doors to tend to the sick.

Nothing, even distance could keep San Martin from tending to those that needed him.  He had the Divine Gift of not just healing, but of bilocation.  He is known to have tended to those in Africa, China, México, Algeria, Japan and the Philipines, while never once having left Lima, Peru.

There many relatos of San Martin going to console and speak of Heaven to Slaves that were being transported from Africa.  One such occasion, an African slave that had been in irons had the opportunity to see San Martin in Lima, he had asked San Martin how his voyage had gone.  It was only much later that this same Slave learned that San Martin had never left Peru.

San Martin would appear to heal those that would call to him.  Once in México, a Merchant friend of San Martin’s, fell ill.  Let me backtrack here.  So, before leaving to México, this Merchant stopped by and asked San Martin to Pray for him in order to have a safe journey.  After arriving in México, this same Merchant, as I said, became ill.  He then said aloud, ” “O my God! Why isn’t my good friend Brother Martin here to take care of me when I am so desperately ill?” Guess who was at his side immediately?  The Merchant of course questioned the Saint to which he would simply respond, “I just arrived.”  After being healed by San Martin, the Merchant looked all over for him, of course, he was unable to find him, because again, San Martin had never left the Monastery.

San Martin’s gifts do not stop there.

You may have seen San Martin depicted with animals.  This is because he also had the gift to communicate with these.  There is what is known as “The Little Story.”  There was a Friar in the Monastery that walked into the kitchen only to see a dog and a cat eating from the same bowl.  He was shocked for these are natural enemies.  But it did not stop there, before the Friar could leave to call others to witness this event, a mouse was invited by San Martin to join the dog and cat.  All three, side by side shared a meal from this same bowl.  A true sign of Fellowship!

There was another occasion when mice were eating the linens and robes of the monastery.  San Martin chastised them and asked them to please go and eat at from a shed in the back of the garden, to where there would always be food.  They obeyed.  And on an occassion where one mouse returned to the Monastery Building, San Martin grabbed him by the tail and reprimanded him and sent him on his way.  He too obeyed.

San Martin also had the gift of Levitation.

San Martin was known to Pray for hours into the night to a large Crucifix of Our Lord, before the Blessed Sacrament and before an image of Our Lady.  During many of the prayers, it is said that the room would become illuminated by his body and would rise from the floor.

I think that with these stories and again if you click on any of the links below, you can find so much more on San Anejo ♥ and with this, I do believe you can understand Why San Martin is one of my Favorite Saints.

Especially in these times where the World in its entirety it seems is Confronted with Massive Racism, we need to ask San Martin to Pray for Us before Our Lord, God.

San Martin, Humilde Servidor del Señor, ayudame a Amar, Perdonar, Comprender y tener Compasion como lo hiciste tu.

San Martin de Porres….Pray for Us.

Notable Biographies. Encyclopedia of World Biographies

U.S. Catholic




Mysteries, Marvels, Miracles in the Lives of Saints

Arzobispado de Lima


Día de Todos los Santos…All Saints Day

In some parts of México, yesterday, October 31st, at about Noon, many began setting up their Altares.  They needed to be ready.  For last night and throughout the day today, all the Saints, known and unknown, and especially the Little Angelitos that parted from this world before the rest of us, were being remembered/honored and expected via these Altares that will remain until about Noon on the 3rd of November.

More in a bit…


Help those who Dare to Follow Me…

Lead with Love

We lead with love, not criticism. We need to be more interested in understanding others than in being understood.

— from Legacy of Love

These words, so easy to read.  So difficult to digest in order to realize.

I guess the key to this and to many, many issues that I come up against in my “daily dealings” is Humility.

St. Francis’ Prayer comes to mind:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
 Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
 to be consoled as to console;
 to be understood as to understand;
 to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
 it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


To lead. To Understand.  The first on its surface seems simple enough.  But when one realizes that one must lead RESPONSIBLY, with Conscience and putting Our Lord and His Commandments First, it suddenly seems overwhelming.
To me.

To lead others, to have others follow you…you may not necessarily even realize that this is happening.  You just think you have people hanging out with you.  That you’re just listening.  That you’re just sharing your opinion.  Or perhaps you are just doing your “job.”  But when you realize the influence you have, when you realize that your words, your actions are being not just heard, but Listened to…it can be quite intimidating.

And then you add to the mix, that when you are in a Leadership role, you have to work with many, many different types of personalities!  Good Ones, Difficult Contrarian Ones (like mine), Extremely Opinionated Ones (me, again), Easy-Going Ones, all different types.  You must work with these different individuals, you are to guide, you are to assist them in delivering their best, you are to ensure that everyone is involved, participating and doing their part.  You are to motivate, in a Positive way.  When you provide an evaluation, you are to critique in a way that will not deflate or destroy, but build, create and inspire. We are to Lead with Love.

As a Leader, you are to Understand where everyone is coming from.  This will help to accomplish all of the above.  Empathy.  More than that, Understanding, Compassion and Mercy.

Dear Lord!!!! Those Last 3 Virtues…how they weigh on me!

Help me Lord to practice and make them my own, for up to now, I know I have Failed!  Miserably!

San Francisco, Intercede por Mi…ayudame a Vivir y Amar como Tu ♥


Por qué?! Why?!

Injustice anywhere

is a threat to justice


This is one of my favorite quotes…

It reinforces our Responsibility to Others.

How can we sit idly by and do nothing?
That makes us just a Guilty and those that are committing the Injustice…You know that, right?

This quote is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He wrote a letter in response to 8 White ALABAMA clergymen who were adamant that though social injustices existed, that these should be battled solely in the courts, not in the streets. The called him an Outside Agitator!

To which he wrote “Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]” that contains the above quote…on April 16, 1963. Yes, from an ALABAMA Jail…

[...] I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds.

Yesterday, The New York Times (quickly gaining a reputation for not being so reputable, see here) released this news story about…wait for it…ALABAMA!

Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn (was anyone reminded of Happy Feet? I’m demented, I know), a Federal Judge from BIRMINGHAM, Alabama upheld most of the provisions of the state’s Immigration Enforcement Law that basically allows state and local authorities to question and ask for immigration status paperwork.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t walk around or go to school with my PR Card.

Yes, her ruling is being appealed by the Justice Department and some Civil Rights Groups, but should it really have gone this far??  How did we allow it?

On the surface one may be tempted to say, “big deal.”  “So what?”  “If they’re here illegally, they should get kicked out” and any slew of these types of phrases…

But it IS a big deal!  You must understand how deep the ramifications go…

Can you, by looking at an individual identify if they are legal?  No?  So then, the authorities can’t be expected to either.  Thus, they will have to stop people.  Who do you think they will stop?  Let’s see…Racial Profiling is Not Allowed…so they can’t go by Race, right?
I guess they’ll just stop everyone, right?  So, the Police Force that should be patrolling and protecting Individuals from Robberies, Assault, Rape, etc. will be stopping every person in Alabama to ask for their Legal Status.  Seems like a waste of Tax Dollars to me.

What about those families that are composed of kids that are U.S. Citizens, a Dad that is a Legal Resident and an Aunt who isn’t (or any variation thereof you choose)?  They will ALL leave and ARE leaving Alabama because of fear!  They are a Family and don’t wish to be separated.  Would you?  What about those situations, because it has and IS happening in some states of the Nation where Mommy or Daddy are being stopped and they forgot to carry their Papers with them.  As a result, they are now being detained and/or arrested.  Their families know nothing of their whereabouts.  Their KIDS are now alone.  What then?  What if it was you?  Your kids?

There is no easy solution.  I am the first to admit.  But the moment that you allow laws like this to pass you are only generating Fear and Hatred! The results are below…please, I do warn you, probably a little late, but I am warning you, the image is Graphic!

I posted the link to this article on my FB Page (shameless plug, I know)…and I posted a very brief comment.

This is the result of Individuals "Protecting" their country. Does it make YOUR stomach churn too?

But this gnaws at me.  It eats away at me!  It corrodes my Soul! It pains me at the core of my Being!

How can we stand idly by and still see so much Injustice surrounding us?

Because it’s not happening to me?

Corazón que no ve, Corazón que no Siente??

I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lukewarm is the worst place to be.  As Revelation tells us:

Here is the message of the Amen, the trustworthy, the true witness, the Principle of God’s creation:
I know about your activities: how you are neither cold nor hot.
I wish you were one or the other, but since you are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm,
I will spit you out of my mouth.

~ Chapter 3: 14-16.

I know I am bombarding you with quotes with what may seem on the surface to be unrelated issues.  But delve into your Soul.  That part of you that knows what is Right and what is Wrong.  You can feel the Injustice in your Bones, I know you can.

In Alabama, once again, injustice is the order of the day.

Allow me to correct myself in regards to the above statement.  This law apparently IS working.

Mr. Orr said there were already signs that the law was working, pointing out that the work-release center in Decatur, about 50 miles to the northwest, was not so long ago unable to find jobs for inmates with poultry processors or home manufacturers. Since the law was enacted in June, he said, the center has been placing more and more inmates in these jobs, now more than 150 a day.

~ “After Ruling, Hispanics Flee  an Alabama Town,” by Campbell Robertson.

Injustice that is feeding off of Anger,off of Frustration at not being able to provide the basics for our Families because we don’t have a job.

But look deeper.  Remove that poison injected into your brain by the Prejudice, Scapegoat Mentality Media.  By Fear Mongers.  By those that are Ignorant know all too well where the Solution to Our Country’s money troubles lie.

I have shared with you before where the money is.  Where the solution is, thanks to the never-ending, admirable efforts of Mr. Michael Moore.

The People of Alabama and other states in Our Great Nation need to open their minds, their hearts and seek the Truth.

There is money.  There is the possibility for everyone to have a decent, good standard of life.
What is hindering this is…GREED!

Not Immigrants!  Don’t buy into the lies!

Need I warn you that I will have more on this???

An example of Humility

Francis of Assisi was a poor little man who astounded and inspired the Church by taking the gospel literally—not in a narrow fundamentalist sense, but by actually following all that Jesus said and did, joyfully, without limit and without a sense of self-importance.

Serious illness brought the young Francis to see the emptiness of his frolicking life as leader of Assisi’s youth. Prayer—lengthy and difficult—led him to a self-emptying like that of Christ, climaxed by embracing a leper he met on the road. It symbolized his complete obedience to what he had heard in prayer: “Francis! Everything you have loved and desired in the flesh it is your duty to despise and hate, if you wish to know my will. And when you have begun this, all that now seems sweet and lovely to you will become intolerable and bitter, but all that you used to avoid will turn itself to great sweetness and exceeding joy.”

From the cross in the neglected field-chapel of San Damiano, Christ told him, “Francis, go out and build up my house, for it is nearly falling down.” Francis became the totally poor and humble workman.

He must have suspected a deeper meaning to “build up my house.” But he would have been content to be for the rest of his life the poor “nothing” man actually putting brick on brick in abandoned chapels. He gave up all his possessions, piling even his clothes before his earthly father (who was demanding restitution for Francis’ “gifts” to the poor) so that he would be totally free to say, “Our Father in heaven.” He was, for a time, considered to be a religious fanatic, begging from door to door when he could not get money for his work, evoking sadness or disgust to the hearts of his former friends, ridicule from the unthinking.

But genuineness will tell. A few people began to realize that this man was actually trying to be Christian. He really believed what Jesus said: “Announce the kingdom! Possess no gold or silver or copper in your purses, no traveling bag, no sandals, no staff” (see Luke 9:1-3).

Francis’ first rule for his followers was a collection of texts from the Gospels. He had no idea of founding an order, but once it began he protected it and accepted all the legal structures needed to support it. His devotion and loyalty to the Church were absolute and highly exemplary at a time when various movements of reform tended to break the Church’s unity.

He was torn between a life devoted entirely to prayer and a life of active preaching of the Good News. He decided in favor of the latter, but always returned to solitude when he could. He wanted to be a missionary in Syria or in Africa, but was prevented by shipwreck and illness in both cases. He did try to convert the sultan of Egypt during the Fifth Crusade.

During the last years of his relatively short life (he died at 44), he was half blind and seriously ill. Two years before his death, he received the stigmata, the real and painful wounds of Christ in his hands, feet and side.

On his deathbed, he said over and over again the last addition to his Canticle of the Sun, “Be praised, O Lord, for our Sister Death.” He sang Psalm 141, and at the end asked his superior to have his clothes removed when the last hour came and for permission to expire lying naked on the earth, in imitation of his Lord.


Francis of Assisi was poor only that he might be Christ-like. He recognized creation as another manifestation of the beauty of God. In 1979, he was named patron of ecology. He did great penance (apologizing to “Brother Body” later in life) that he might be totally disciplined for the will of God. His poverty had a sister, humility, by which he meant total dependence on the good God. But all this was, as it were, preliminary to the heart of his spirituality: living the gospel life, summed up in the charity of Jesus and perfectly expressed in the Eucharist.


“We adore you and we bless you, Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all the churches which are in the whole world, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world” (St. Francis).

~ American Catholic.org

He gave up all and everything to be Christ-like.  Even at death, he wanted to be like our Lord.

What boggles the mind is how Much Our Lord Loved Us, LOVES US…that he would consent to being Like Us!
And  St. Francis, in his Love for Our Lord, in wanting to follow His Will, Imitated Him, Obeyed Him, Listened to Him, Led his Life For Him…

And I have a hard time Applying Him in situations…

San Francisco de Asis, Intercede por mi, para que aunque sea un poquitititito de la Humildad y Amor que tu le tenias y tienes a Nuestro Señor se me pegue…

Ayudame a entender, escuchar y llevar mi Vida de la manera, de la forma que agrade al Señor…

Todo esto te lo pido, te lo suplico con la Poca de Humildad que existe en mi corazón.


A Common Problem?

How busy are we?

Geeze! I was just telling a Friend that many times I wish that there were more hours in a day, but then it hits me!  If there were, then we would just be busier anyway and probably not spending time where we Originally wanted to, to begin with…

For all you Grammar Sticklers, I KNOW that the above sentence is bad, structurally, but…yes, here’s my excuse :P I am trying, trying to catch-up here.

I know, you can put those violins away, you’ve heard this story before, but in all seriousness…


When I wasn’t working outside the home – because Boy does one WORK In the Home – my days were short and I didn’t feel that I got much done, but somehow I made time for my Blog…

Now…Dear Lord!!! I am spreading myself waaaaaaaay too thin! 

I realized this yesterday evening as we sat down to Dinner and I wiped my Little 2-yr old’s nose (she is under the weather with a cold and cough), looked across at my 3-soon-to be-4 yr old as she spilled her Sinigang on the table that her Lola made, and was informing my Other Half that I had a meeting yet again.

I realized at that moment that I was not home!  That I was not helping out with the Girls.  That if it were not for Lola and Lolo’s assistance, my home could literally be falling apart!

We are about 30-40% “moved in.”  Thus, the house in NO Where near where it should be.

Laundry needs to be done.

Everyone is sick.

I have not made dinner in God-knows-how-long! 

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in, well same as above!

I have not checked my JK’s pouch this entire week! In fact, since Wednesday from Last Week!

I have not been keeping up here.

I am on way too many committee’s at Church, at School…

There’s a saying in Spanish…My Papá Eliseo would be so proud!!!  He would have a saying for every single situation and knew so many!!  If only I could remember them all :(

The saying is:

El que mucho abarca, poco aprieta.

Literally translated, it means, he who covers too much, cannot tighten.  LOL!! Hilarious, isn’t it?
In English, you could say:

Jack of all trades, Master of none.


Do not bite off more than you can chew!

Either way, I’m sure you get the gist. I am trying to do so much and accomplishing nothing!

Last night I had to drop a Committee!  Needless to say, it was not looked upon kindly and I know I’ll be getting a phone call trying to convince me to continue.

But, and please excuse my language here, I do not want to do a half-arsed job!

If I’m not in it 100%, then I’d rather not do it. 
Moreover, I want to be with the little ones.

I’ve made the mistake of not being there already! I don’t want to do it again, and I AM! I need to stop it NOW! Before I blink and they too are in their teens!

Today we celebrate the Feast day of St. Michael, along with San Gabriel and San Rafael…the Archangels!

And I need your help, guys!  (I have a quick confession, I am partial towards Gabriel, because my Son was named after him ♥)

Each of these archangels performs a different mission in Scripture: Michael protects; Gabriel announces; Raphael guides. Earlier belief that inexplicable events were due to the actions of spiritual beings has given way to a scientific world-view and a different sense of cause and effect. Yet believers still experience God’s protection, communication and guidance in ways which defy description. We cannot dismiss angels too lightly.


I need Much Guidance, San Rafael! I need someone to help me to Hear what I’m to do, what I Should be doing, San Gabriel…and yes, San Miguel, I need you to protect me from any “Misguidance” from you-know-who.

Life…it’s never boring is it?

And this quote I just Had to share with you!  It’s also from AmericanCatholic.org.


“The question of how many angels could dance on the point of a pin no longer is absurd in molecular physics, with its discovery of how broad that point actually is, and what part invisible electronic ‘messengers’ play in the dance of life” (Lewis Mumford).


La Asunción de Maria – The Assumption of Mary

One can find so much information on the Web on the Assumption of Mary and even then, we can get it all wrong, confused, distorted, etc.

What’s worst is that perhaps we don’t have the desire, energy or time to search…

Here is an older article, from 1996, but I find it rather complete and concise.


Father Clifford Stevens

The Assumption is the oldest feast day of Our Lady, but we don’t know how it first came to be celebrated.Its origin is lost in those days when Jerusalem was restored as a sacred city, at the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (c. 285-337). By then it had been a pagan city for two centuries, ever since Emperor Hadrian (76-138) had leveled it around the year 135 and rebuilt it asin honor of Jupiter.

For 200 years, every memory of Jesus was obliterated from the city, and the sites made holy by His life, death and Resurrection became pagan temples.

After the building of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 336, the sacred sites began to be restored and memories of the life of Our Lord began to be celebrated by the people of Jerusalem. One of the memories about his mother centered around the “Tomb of Mary,” close to Mount Zion, where the early Christian community had lived.

On the hill itself was the “Place of Dormition,” the spot of Mary’s “falling asleep,” where she had died. The “Tomb of Mary” was where she was buried.

At this time, the “Memory of Mary” was being celebrated. Later it was to become our feast of the Assumption.

For a time, the “Memory of Mary” was marked only in Palestine, but then it was extended by the emperor to all the churches of the East. In the seventh century, it began to be celebrated in Rome under the title of the “Falling Asleep” (“Dormitio”) of the Mother of God.

Soon the name was changed to the “Assumption of Mary,” since there was more to the feast than her dying. It also proclaimed that she had been taken up, body and soul, into heaven.

That belief was ancient, dating back to the apostles themselves. What was clear from the beginning was that there were no relics of Mary to be venerated, and that an empty tomb stood on the edge of Jerusalem near the site of her death. That location also soon became a place of pilgrimage. (Today, the Benedictine Abbey of the Dormition of Mary stands on the spot.)

At the Council of Chalcedon in 451, when bishops from throughout the Mediterranean world gathered in Constantinople, Emperor Marcian asked the Patriarch of Jerusalem to bring the relics of Mary to Constantinople to be enshrined in the capitol. The patriarch explained to the emperor that there were no relics of Mary in Jerusalem, that “Mary had died in the presence of the apostles; but her tomb, when opened later . . . was found empty and so the apostles concluded that the body was taken up into heaven.”

In the eighth century, St. John Damascene was known for giving sermons at the holy places in Jerusalem. At the Tomb of Mary, he expressed the belief of the Church on the meaning of the feast: “Although the body was duly buried, it did not remain in the state of death, neither was it dissolved by decay. . . . You were transferred to your heavenly home, O Lady, Queen and Mother of God in truth.”

All the feast days of Mary mark the great mysteries of her life and her part in the work of redemption. The central mystery of her life and person is her divine motherhood, celebrated both at Christmas and a week later (Jan. 1) on the feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8th) marks the preparation for that motherhood, so that she had the fullness of grace from the first moment of her existence, completely untouched by sin. Her whole being throbbed with divine life from the very beginning, readying her for the exalted role of mother of the Savior.

The Assumption completes God’s work in her since it was not fitting that the flesh that had given life to God himself should ever undergo corruption. The Assumption is God’s crowning of His work as Mary ends her earthly life and enters eternity. The feast turns our eyes in that direction, where we will follow when our earthly life is over.

The feast days of the Church are not just the commemoration of historical events; they do not look only to the past. They look to the present and to the future and give us an insight into our own relationship with God. The Assumption looks to eternity and gives us hope that we, too, will follow Our Lady when our life is ended.

The prayer for the feast reads: “All-powerful and ever-living God: You raised the sinless Virgin Mary, mother of your Son, body and soul, to the glory of heaven. May we see heaven as our final goal and come to share her glory.”

In 1950, in the Apostolic Constitution <Munificentissimus Deus>, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Assumption of Mary a dogma of the Catholic Church in these words: “The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heaven.”

With that, an ancient belief became Catholic doctrine and the Assumption was declared a truth revealed by God.

~ From the EWTN Library

Would you like to know MORE about the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception?  Because for some odd reason, even we Catholic Christians get our Dogma’s confused.  Here is a link to Catholic Answers’ “Immaculate Conception and Assumption.”

To give you an idea of the above article, it will give a bit of insight as to why Mary was Assumed into Heaven by Our Lord…Note: She did not do it on her own!  It will also touch upon that statement as well. It is not too long, it is, just right.

Take the time, read about our Faith and its Beauty, learn more about Our Blessed Mother and if you need any suggestions on How to Celebrate this day, Teresa Fernández, from Catholic.net has a few suggestions here, along with a bit more information and of course, what it means to and for Us, as Catholic Christians!

Solo que este articulo esta en Español.

Lo cual me recuerda, Felicidades en el dia de su Santo a todos los Chonitos y Chonitas!!

Pidan por todos nosotros, por favor.

Y para el resto de nosotros, en realidad, como dice la Srta. Fernández, debemos de estar llenos de Esperanza al saber que Nuestra Hermosa Madre no solo ha alcanzado la meta, la Gloria del Cielo, sino que nos esta esperando y alentando a cada paso!

Here are the suggestions from Ms. Fernández on how to Live and Celebrate this Feast Day:

  • Have an Image of Our Blessed Mother at the moment of Her Glorious Assumption and beside it place a vase in which one can place a flower with a sign attached to it with one of Her many Virtues, and one at a time, we can place them in the vase and meditate upon each Virtue.
  • Crown Our Blessed Mother and while one is placing the Crown explain WHY she was taken to Heaven, Body and Soul
  • Take flowers to Our Lady. Pray the Rosary with our Family with Great Devotion.
  • Sing a song to Our Blessed Mother.  The one offered by Ms. Fernández is:

¿Quién será la mujer?

1. ¿Quién será la mujer,
que a tantos inspiró
poemas bellos de amor?
Le rinden honor la música y la luz,
el mármol, la palabra y el color.
¿Quién será la mujer
que el rey y el labrador
invocan su dolor
el sabio, el ignorante,
el pobre y el señor,
el santo al igual que el pecador?

(2 x).

2. ¿Quién será la mujer radiante como el sol,
vestida de resplandor
la luna a sus pies, el cielo en rededor,
y ángeles cantándole su amor?
¿Quién será la mujer humilde que vivió
en un pequeño taller
amando sin milagros, viviendo de su fe,
la esposa siempre alegre de José?

Que Viva Nuestra Madre Amada!

Que Viva La Virgen Maria!

Que Viva Cristo Rey!

Over a Year!

Amidst the chaos which I now call my life…I, for once in a great long while, decided to check up on the Saint of the Day.

When I saw that it was Santa Maria Goretti, I almost fell backwards off my seat!

It was over a year ago that I shared with you the small summary of her life…

Today I want to share with you this quote:

Maria may have had trouble with catechism, but she had no trouble with faith. God’s will was holiness, decency, respect for one’s body, absolute obedience, total trust. In a complex world, her faith was simple: It is a privilege to be loved by God, and to love him—at any cost.

~American Catholic.org

“She had no trouble with Faith…”  How I wish that was my problem…

“In this complex world…” I truly believe we complicate it!  We make things so much more difficult than they need be.  It’s almost like we Love the Drama!

I have to try and remember at every moment that it IS a privilege to be loved by God and that yes, I should Love Him, Believe in Him, Trust in Him at any cost. 

Believe it or not…just by simply Blogging, I am nourished…

I feel a sense of Responsibility, as it were, in regards to what I share with you.  I have told you so much and yet, it has been a while since I have said anything at all…during this “dry spell” I have gotten caught up in “Worldly” matters and left what Nourishes Me, Heals Me and Makes me Better on the wayside…

Gracias Señor por este don de poder escribir, compartir y sobre todo de vivir todas las experiencias que me haz puesto en el camino…

Ayudame a Siempre saber darte Gracias, pero sobre todo, Ayudame a tener FE!


Petrine v. Pauline

I always thought myself to be more Pauline…

But after Rome and all they trying to Discern (thank you, Vlad)…and Camille helping me out along the Discernment Path…

I guess I am much more Petrine than I ever thought…

Thanks to the Amazing Homilies that Father Mario provides us with day after day (except Thursday’s), week after week…I am learning SO Much!  My Faith is Increasing at an Alarming Rate ;)   I know not what to do!  I can tell you what I find VERY Difficult to do…Be A TRUE Catholic Christian!

Our Calling is a Difficult, yet, Powerful one!

The more you learn, the more you realize how flawed you are…The Harder you want to work to earn, to merit, to Deserve what is given us…

San Pedro, Help Me.  Help me to help Others and Myself to not commit, to not Repeat so many of the same mistakes you and we constantly make…

With just 2 Letters in our Bible, you say so much and demand so much…Help Us!  Intercede por Nosotros!

The above image is borrowed from Vexilla Regis. His article that I linked to speaks to us about Simon Bar-Jonah, Cephas, Petrus, Peter all meaning Rock. The Rock upon which our Lord built His Beloved Bride, our Mother Church.

He mentions Francis Thompson’s Poem “The Hound of Heaven” and how it speaks of God’s Love for Us, no matter, better said, in spite of our Fallen, Unworthiness…

[...]the poet Francis Thompson ( 1859-1907),  because of the misguided medical practice of his day, became addicted to the tincture of Opium, called Laudanum , then very widely used for the relief of pain. Thompson was a devout man , and haunted by his addiction, which after repeated relapses killed him. He was always conscious of God’s love and of God’s pursuit of him no matter how seriously he fell. He wrote the marvellous, harrowing poem “The Hound of Heaven” to describe the unremitting character of God’s love for him, even when –  in the grip of his addiction - he was rejecting it. He wrote of the Hound of Heaven pursuing him “down the labyrinthine ways”. He was aware that this loving pursuit was part of a process , and cried out in anguish “Must Thou char the wood, ere’st Thou can limn with it?”

Oh, Cephas…Ayudame a tener tu Pasion, tu Corazón, tu Fervor…But above all, help me to Learn from my Mistakes…


I will not have the Privilege of attending the Conference in Rome…


I will always have the Pride, el Orgullo, that I was Selected!

That is something that can never and will never be taken away from me!

What this HAS done is validate what I do.  What I write.  My Thoughts, My Words…Who I AM…

I needed that.  We all do! 

Thank you, Lord for all you give Us…

Thank you, Lord for all you have given Us…

Thank You, Lord for your Sacrifice and for Bringing us To Eternal Life!

Happy Easter!

Feliz Pascua!

Feliz Domingo de la Resurreccion!

He IS Risen!

Por fin, they hit the Nail on the Head!!

 If anyone knows me…they know of my Pride, mi Orgullo de ser México-Americana.  A Mexican-American. 

I even won an award on a Paper and Presentation that I did regarding this Duality.  This Challengingly Rewarding Dilemma of being 2 and yet None. 

Perhaps I will share it with you one day.

For now, I have to share this video that I found on Laura’s Blog

Se me enchino la piel!  I was filled with Pride and yet at the same time I couldn’t help but think, HASTA QUE!!! 

Many of us Generation Ñ Individuals have struggled to find our place, our niche…We have had to fight to be seen as Spanglish, English, Spanish and Caló, all at the same time. 

We do not like being pigeon-holed. 

We hate being told we’re not Mexican enough or that we’re not White enough!

We are US!  Somos what we are and we need to take Pride in that!  It has been a challenge because all those around us don’t seem to understand us, or perhaps just don’t want to understand us…They want us to be what they want. 

Our Elders want us to be more Traditional. 

Our Acculturated or Assimilated Friends want us to be more like them.

Our Friends that fall under “Other,” meaning not Brown, not a Brown mix, not Part Brown, I mean anything But Brown…don’t understand what the Big Deal is or sometimes they even see us as a Fascinating Subject  :?  That’s always fun, “Ooo, you’re so Interesting. That is Interesting.  Just Fascinating.”

Point being, we don’t fit anywhere.  Thus, someone coined Generation Ñ.  And even trying to be a part of THAT is a Challenge.  Everyone seems to have their own definition/limitation. 

Oh, and for the record, not all of us Watch Novelas!  I don’t.  And many of us don’t.  Yet another Stereotype…*sigh*

But hey, at least it’s a beginning!

You know, after seeing this, I was almost motivated enough to start writing again! 

Quizas, Quizas, Quiiiizas….Can you guess???  ;)

Enjoy the Vid.  I did.

Share your Pensamientos on this!  I’d really like to know!